xFormatic Systems

xFinite Transformation

The ecolleagues working together as a team is no change than the location you worked and your boss.
However things keep moving faster and happier.That's the need for forming xFormatic Systems. Founded by

Sezhian V    |    Venkatesh GR   |    Mohan B |  Shan  |

Our Strength

Team in Synergy | Hands-on Experience | Network in the industry

Veteran software professionals with exposure to manufacturing industries with a collective experience of 100 years + in software and other industries across different verticals.

Our Services

  • Digital marketing  & Social media services
  • Staff resource augmentation
  • Outsourced development services
  • Custom development and Integration services
  • Software resellers and Implementation services (ERP,Facility Management etc.,)
  • Technical sourcing and Facilitation services
  • Corporate and Institutional training services