Our Services


Alignbooks Accounting Software
Small business accounting software with the flexility to tailor to the needs of several industry and the scalability to serve as an ERP for a small manufacturing industry.Excellent for various industries from retail & trading through professional services to manufacturing industries
ListSmart Classifieds Portal
ListSmart is a community Classifieds portal that is much more than other classifieds.You can shop products,book service ,events and lot more.
Innomaint CMMS
Innomaint CMMS is a suite of software that addresses the Facility Management and Field Service Management solution needs
xFactor ERP Software
xFactor is an ERP software that works as a standalone ERP and can also be used to complement the missing pieces of modules in SAP Business One.We sell and support both the solutions - SAP Business One and xFactor ERP software solution


App Development Services
Web and mobile application development to suit the business needs to solve the process requirement and to deliver excellence to your internal stakeholders and customers
Website Development
Website development, landing pages and social media page development and branding designs / posters for various social media and professional networks targeting the relevant audience
RPA Services
We offer our RPA related services to automate and bridge the gaps in your existing softwares with disparate data or absence of integration.We use RPA to chain the processes together by exchanging data between applications using RPA tools and achieve end to integration without the need to customization in your software
Branding & ORM Services
Brand reflects the vision and Mission of the company and hence as a guiding principle driven from top to down consistent in all actions and every response that reflects the brand and it is an ongoing activity to maintain the reputation standards.We help you establish your brand and maintain the reputation.
Lead Generation Services
Launching Campaigns to generate leads for your business


Technology Solutions
We provide Solutions to resolve business bottlenecks and improve process efficiency, leveraging technology by way of developing custom applications and low code automation through RPA services
Dashboard & Analytics Solutions
We provide Analytics and Dashboard solutions for small businesses .You can get insights into your business operations and sales operations and demand distributions for your products or financial insights of your business enabling you to make informed decisions and strategize your course of business.
Marketing & Digital Presence Solutions
End to End marketing solutions integrated with Digital marketing services,website development and optimization ,landing pages and pages for social media networks that suits your business needs like Brand awareness,Subscriber/Follower base development,Lead Generation,Digital Presence,Online Reputation Management etc.,